About Me

I like creating things -- be it software, teams, processes, products, art, or content. Here's a sample of some of my work that I can publicly share.

See my LinkedIn profile for my professional experience.



Book Chapters


Selected visual works that I am allowed to publicly display.

Curata CCS

My startup Curata's flagship content curation software designed primarily for B2B marketing teams.

Curata Reader

Multi-device and responsive Google Reader alternative that was named by CNet as one the top 5 feed readers and the "prettiest of the bunch".

Curata CMP

My startup Curata's content marketing platform for B2B Enterprise editorial calendaring, workflow, and full-funnel analytics.


Selected paintings and sketches from over the years.


Over the years, I have probably authored 100+ articles around the web. Below is a small subset with my more meaningful pieces.

Content Marketing Done Right

30+ page eBook that was one of the first resources to comprehensively discuss copyright & fair use online for marketing.